Tradeona provides you with more than just a translation, it gives you an adaptation to local culture.

Because a word does not have the same equivalent from one language to another, the translation needs to be adapted.

Because the choice of terms depends on the context, the intended audience and the target country, the translation must be adapted while remaining true to the source text.

In the world of trade, quality translations are indispensable. The credibility of your business is at stake.

Tradeona can help you to handle written communication in foreign languages (English- and Spanish-speaking countries). In addition to translation services, Tradeona offers proofreading, localization and desktop publishing services.

Fields of expertise

– Medical translation

I was raised in a medical environment: my dad is a doctor, my mum was a midwife, my sister is a dentist and my brother is an anaesthesia student. I always contact them if I have a question or to ask them to proofread my work if I have a doubt.

– IT and telecommunications translation

C2I level 1 certified, I love new technologies and translating product descriptions for the latest developments in new devices.

– Communication, marketing and market research

Regularly trained in communication tools, I also benefit from the expertise of my spouse, an e-marketing manager, and his professional entourage, to work on texts that leave room for creativity.

Fields of competence

I love working in these fields which are also among my leisure interests, namely tourism, photography, gastronomy, oenology, sport (martial arts), well-being and personal development (under specialization).